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DON'T READ THIS IN THE DARK is an original iPulp series of stories by new voices in middle grade literature. Enjoy scary and exciting tales for boys and girls of all ages in a variety of genres-mystery, monsters, folk tales, and science fiction.

The Spell of the African Amulet
(Mystery6,600 words)
Rachel wants a cell phone worse than anything in the world. Her BFF, Tiffany, has a cell phone, a chubby cat, and a jump on Rachel's boyfriend. Life just isn't fair!When Aunt Kim's gift arrives from Africa, Rachel opens it to discover an amulet. She hopes it grants her heart's desire. Instead Rachel finds herself struggling with ghosts, disappearing items, and her Mom, who still treats her like a baby. In a fit of anger, Rachel wishes her mom would disappear...

The Frog Dad
(Folk Tale — 2,000 words)
"Down in the swamps of Louisiana there lurks a creature they call the Frog Dad…"So begins this supernatural journey into the most remote regions of the Louisiana bayou. At turns suspenseful, then humorous, "The Frog Dad" reminds young readers that being greedy can sometimes get you more than you bargained for.

The Legend of Hammer Lake
(Monster — 4,000 words)
Oscar and his father have driven from Ohio to Canada for the fishing trip of a lifetime. When Oscar learns of the legend of Hammer Lake, the question is just how long that lifetime will be.

Keep Your Helmet On
(Science Fiction — 3,900 words)
Chris is the new kid on the planet. Damon, the colony director's son, is his only friend-but what kind of friend leads a friend into danger?


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