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Elaine Marie Alphin on Elaine Marie Alphin
Edgar Award-winning author of Counterfeit Son

"As soon as I discovered iPulp Fiction Library I wanted my stories to be part of it. What a terrific outlet for writers to share their stories with kids and teens who do their reading on the web."

Marylin D. Anderson on Marilyn D. Anderson
Author of books for young girls with almost two million copies sold

"I write fast-paced stories that take young readers on an exciting, but believable, ride. iPulp is the perfect place for my stories."

Ben Bova on Ben Bova
Best-selling and six time Hugo award-winning author of the "Grand Tour" series

"When I wrote CYBERBOOKS in 1989, electronic publishing was a science fiction dream. Now iPulp is making it come true! The future is here!"

Royce Buckingham on Royce Buckingham
Screenwriter and author of Demonkeeper

"The short story is practically a lost art, but it looks like we’ve found it at iPulp. Personally, I’m delighted, because I love writing short fiction, but the real winners here are the readers—our kids."

Orson Scott Card on Orson Scott Card
Hugo Award-winning author of Ender's Game

"Cheap short fiction—it's the lifeblood of literature."

Bruce Coville on Bruce Coville
IRA Children's Choice Award-winning author of The Monster's Ring

"I love the idea of iPulp. I cut my teeth as a reader on pulp fiction, the best of which has great storytelling energy. I'm all in favor of finding new ways to bring this kind of story to young readers."

Bill Crider on Bill Crider
Anthony Award-winning author of Too Late to Die

"iPulp is a great new way to deliver short fiction to readers. Long may it thrive."

Kathleen Duey  on Kathleen Duey
National Book Award Finalist author of Skin Hunger

"iPulp takes fast-paced fiction to the kids, where they live, on the Internet. What a perfect idea. Home delivery. May it do for literacy what it did for pizza."

Jack Erickson on Jack Erickson
Author of The First series

"iPulpfiction is following the American literary tradition of old radio dramas, pulps novels, and magazine fiction by publishing edgy dramas for on-line readers."

Ed Gorman on Ed Gorman
Shamus Award-winning author of "Turn Away"

"iPulp is bringing the short story in all its genres back to the prominence it deserves."

Pete Hautman on Pete Hautman
National Book Award-winning author of Godless

"Is the short story dead? 'No!' I say, 'It lives and breathes on iPulp. Vivat crescat floreat!'"

David Lubar on David Lubar
Award-winning author of Hidden Talents

"With the whole world wallowing in pointless, plotless fiction, iPulp greets the reader like a breath of fresh adrenaline."

D. J. Maiden Veld on D. J. Maiden
Don't Read This in the Dark contributor

"iPulp is a great way for readers to have access to a wide variety of stories. I'm proud to be a part of it."    

Dug Stambaugh on Pat Mullan
Award-winning author of international thrillers

"For those of you who love short stories, iPulp is the short story place you'll love. You will come back again and again!"

Dug Stambaugh on Dug Nation
Creator of The Cobweb Detective Club

"A great short story can inspire the imagination and iPulp is inspiring a new generation."

Gary Phillips on Gary Phillips
Chester Himes Award-winning author of Only the Wicked

"iPulp Fiction Library is the mother of all short story fiction sites. Period."

Gregory Urbach on Brian David Rock (a.k.a. Mojo rock)
Don't Read This in the Dark contributor

"The short story takes a big step into the digital age with iPulpFiction. Between all the texts and tweets, today’s teens will be able to get in a little good fiction–without having to put down their iPhones!"

George Self on George Self
Don't Read This in the Dark contributor

"Wow! My sci-fi story is published in a way that itself was science fiction when I was a kid. I hope everyone has many happy hours collecting top quality stories at very reasonable prices."

Gregory Urbach on Gregory Urbach
Author of the Waters of the Moon series

"Like the good old days of Buck Rogers and Sam Spade, iPulp returns us to a time when reading was fun. It's great that writers and readers finally have a place to get together."

Sandi Underwood on Sandi Underwood
Don't Read This in the Dark contributor

"iPulp and short stories are a marriage made in Internet heaven. Teens live in cyberspace where my stories are alive and well and reaching out to readers. I'm thrilled to be a part of this grand adventure."

Vivian Vande Veld on Vivian Vande Velde
Edgar Award-winning author of Never Trust a Dead Man

"iPulp is a brilliant idea for readers, for writers, for writers who are readers, and for readers who are writers!"

Vivian Vande Veld on Robert Weinberg
Life Achievement horror writer and pulp fiction historian

"I've read and written about the future for the past forty years. iPulp is located at the intersection of science fiction and reality and I'm thrilled to be part of it."

Thomas Addison
Lou Aguilar
T. Barnard Akers
Elaine Marie Alphin
Marilyn D. Anderson
Joe Archibald
Diane Austin
Karen A. Bale
W. T. Ballard
Mike W. Barr
J. M. Barrie
James Bates
L. Frank Baum
H. Bedford-Jones
B. C. Bell
E. F. Benson
Elaine Bergstrom
Alfred Bester
Algernon Blackwood
Wyatt Blassingame
Charles G. Booth
Ben Bova
Leigh Bracket
Royce Buckingham
Susan Budavari
Mike Bullock
Edgar Rice Burroughs
Paul Cain
Thomas Calvert
Orson Scott Card
Robert V. Carr
Mort Castle
Willa Cather
Kathe Cato
Hugh B. Cave
James Chambers
Gilbert K. Chesterton
Anthony Clemens
Everette B. Cole
William Cole
Max Allan Collins
Barbara Collins
Arthur Conan Doyle
James Fenimore Cooper
Bruce Coville
Bill Crider
Ray Cummings
Valerie D'Orozio
Lucius Daniels
Peter David
Norbert Davis
Frederick C. Davis
Fay Davis
Mark Dawidziak
Guy de Maupassant
Tom DeFalco
Daniel Defoe
Shannon Eric Denton
Philip K. Dick
Frank Dirsherl
Chuck Dixon
Jack Douglas
Kathleen Duey
Win Scott Eckert
Paula Elliot
P. N. Elrod
Steve Englehart
Jack Erickson
Paul Ernst
John Esquemeling
Eric Fein
Steve Fisher
F. Scott Fitzgerald
John Flanders
G. T. Fleming-Roberts
Ron Fortier
Joel Frieman
Joe Gentile
G. L. Gick
Charlotte Perkins Gilman
James A. Goldthwaite
Barbara Goodson
Ed Gorman
Steven Grant
Anna Katharine Green
Robert Greenberger
Clay & Susan Griffith
Raven Grimaldi
J. Harvey Haggard
William R. Halliar
P.C. Hamerlinck
Thomas Hardy
Wilhelm Hauff
Pete Hautman
John Helfers
C.J. Henderson
Jason Henderson
O. Henry
Nancy Holder
Howard Hopkins
Gillian Horvath
Brant House
W. W. Jacobs
John Jakes
Malcolm Jameson
J. A. Jance
Robert T. Jeschonek
Neil R. Jones
Mark Justice
Mark Justice
Stuart Kaminsky
Herminie Templeton Kavanagh
Rudyard Kipling
Walter Kubilius
James Anthony Kuhoric
Frederic Arnold Kummer, Jr.
Tim Lasiuta
Deborah J Ledford
Elaine Lee
Mark Leiran-Young
Jack London
David Lubar
John Lutz
James MacCreigh
D. J. Maiden
Fabian Nicieza
Elizabeth Massie
Brett Matthews
Christine Matthews
K.G. McAbee
Merle McCann
Gordon McCreagh
Johnston McCulley
Stephen Mertz
David Michelinie
Will Miller
Christopher Mills
William Morrison
Pat Mullan
Will Murry
James J. Nance
Bobby Nash
Dug Nation
Frederick Nebel
Scott Nicholson
Ann Nocenti
Andre Norton
Philip Francis Nowlan
Marian O'Hearn
Denny O'Neil
R K Olson
Kevin Noel Olson
Henry Oyen
Gary Phillips
Edgar Allan Poe
Frederik Pohl
Martin Powell
E. Hoffmann Price
Robert J. Randisi
Hugh Raymond
Michael Reynolds
Trina Robbins
Fleming Roberts
Mojo Rock
Martin Roselius
Richard B. Sale
Andrew Salmon
Saki [H. H. Munro]
Nat Schachner
James H. Schmitz
Michael Scott
George F. Self
Al Sevcik
Bill Severn
KB Shaw
Christen Shaw
Robert Sheckley
Bob Smith
Beau Smith
Stephen D. Smith
Bill Spangler
Mark Sparacio
Henry Treat Sperry
Richard Dean Starr
Robert Louis Stevenson
Paul D. Storrie
Adi Tantimedh
Emile C. Tepperman
Robert Turner
Mark Twain
David Ulnaksi
Sandi Underwood
Gregory Urbach
Richard Valley
Fred Van Lente
Vivian Vande Velde
J. C. Vaughn
Jules Verne
Debbie Viguié
Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
Richard Race Wallace
Harry Walton
James H. Watson M.D.
Robert Weinberg
Raoul Whitfield
Dan Wickline
Oscar Wilde
Arthur Leo Zagat
JoAnne Zeterberg


Publisher: Keith B. Shaw           Managing Editor: Mary L. Moore

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